Overcoming Stress-Related Emotional Eating

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Do you ever soothe yourself with food after a bad day at work? Do you ever reward yourself with sweets after you’ve done something good? Do you ever find yourself heading to the kitchen for a snack, even when you aren’t the least bit hungry? These are all examples of emotional eating. Research shows that controlling emotional eating is essential to maintain successful weight loss. One study found that when dieters regained the weight they had lost, about half of the time the relapse was triggered by emotional eating. Even though they had lost weight and were doing well, one emotional upset was enough to undo all their hard work. So, if you’re an emotional eater it will be necessary to overcome this habit in order to be successful at permanent weight control. Includes Relaxation Exercises.

Narrated by Dr. Edward Abramson, author of Emotional Eating and Body Intelligence

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